Six Reasons Why Using a Work Diary is Good for Your Business

Keeping a work diary is a creative way to stay on top of job responsibilities and manage stress.
At the end of the mile-long list of time management systems is one least appreciated key to success: the work diary. Countless CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners have used this tool to stay on top of due dates, projects, and other responsibilities. Work diaries and journals can also be a unique way to record yearly performance and keep you focused on the work at hand. 
As you grow your business, you will learn which organization tools are most helpful for you and your company. Some methods will be beneficial and some won’t. Start with these work diary sheets and stay organized as you turn your passion into reality. 
Work Diary Benefits

  1. Task Management

As your business grows, task management can quickly become your main challenge. According to PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession survey, 52% of projects in 2018 suffered scope creep, or used more resources than expected which wastes time and money. Save your resources by keeping track of your tasks and clients in your work diary.

  1. Organization Tool

A recent Gallup poll revealed that 48% of adults don’t have time to do what they want to do. This issue is especially prevalent when launching a business. Use your work diary to stay organized and on top of your schedule. 

  1. Identify Mistakes

Mistakes small and large are inevitable. When setbacks happen take a few seconds and write down the details about what went wrong in your work diary. This pause can help you identify the root of the problem and learn how to fix it. Without reflecting on your mistakes, you could repeat them over and over.

  1. Highlight Wins 

So often our successes are looked over, while our failures stick with us. Social psychologist, Roy F. Baumeister, illustrates this in his article, Bad is Stronger than Good. We are predisposed to focus on failure so we can evolve but in business, it is equally important to celebrate success. Keeping a record of wins will help you see all of your achievements on paper.

  1. Self-Care

Anxiety has been cited as the most prevalent mental health issue and globally 260 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. This is an issue for business owners as starting and running a business can cause stress and anxiety. To combat this, it is helpful to keep a daily journal entry about your thoughts.

  1. Personal goals

In addition to managing stress, journaling can help you with positivity and mindfulness. These practices can assist you as you pursue self-improvement in work and in life.
As Josh Kalven, founder of Newsbound once said: “ serves as an extension of my brain at a time when my mental faculties are loaded with stress and stimulation… It reminds me of the obstacles I’ve already cleared and gives me incentive to keep pushing forward. And it helps me regain the big picture when it gets obscured by the day-to-day details.”

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