Stressed Out? Organic Superfood Can Help!

By Gladys Aniaka
February 26, 2023

A typical day requires mental, emotional, and physical input to achieve whatever goal or plan we have. Some days demand more than others.

But when you find yourself constantly putting more mental, emotional, and physical effort into your daily activities than you can handle — feeling drained with no rest in sight — you might be stressed. More and more people report signs of stress and fatigue in their daily lives with no way to cope with it effectively.

According to the American Institute of Stress, extreme stress is reported by 33% of people, and 77% people have had their physical health affected by stress. 73% of people have had their mental health affected by stress, and 48% of people have trouble sleeping because of stress.

These numbers are even higher in women, single parents, ethnic minorities, and breadwinners. Some causes of everyday stress include the workplace, economy, finances, health problems, relationships, and personal safety.

These figures are startling, but take a deep breath. By the end of this article, we will have found a way to cope with stress and improve calm.

Most people struggle sleep when stressed. This can lead to further stress, decreased productivity, and health problems.

With more people developing an interest in ways to improve their quality of life, researchers and health enthusiasts have investigated natural foods that can support better sleep cycles, improve calm, boost serotonin and melatonin production, and lower stress levels. For many, eating healthier is easier than cramming activies like exercising into an already-packed day.

Natural, organic foods work from the inside out to build you up. One superfood proven to help with stress and muscle relaxation is the Soursop (Graviola) leaf.

The Soursop (Graviola) fruit is the green heart-shaped fruit from a tree found in the rainforests of South America and Southeast Asia. Graviola leaf offers a unique combination of four essential antioxidants: Vitamin C, zinc, copper, and selenium. This natural power bundle targets free radicals responsible for DNA damage and helps with cell regeneration.

Serotonin is a vital hormone for bodily functions, stabilizing moods, and feelings of wellness. It also helps with sleeping, appetite, and digestion. Drinking soursop leaf tea promotes the release of serotonin, helping to calm the body. It is commonly used as a calming agent in the West Indies. In the Netherlands Antilles, leaves are brewed to make a beverage that enhances sleep. For this reason, Soursop leaf tea can be a great natural supplement to relieve the body of stress and sleep deprivation.

The best part about using soursop leaf to support sleep and lower stress is that it works two-fold: You get the numerous nutritional benefits contained in the plant and you improve your sleep quality, promoting a calm mind.

Many soursop supplements and superfoods are available in stores for daily use. Check out the Herbal Goodness soursop made with natural, organic, non-GMO soursop leaf.

Add soursop leaf to support your everyday activities and the stress that may come with them. Live your life on your terms and pace.

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