Caregiver Doing Meditation

Caregiver Meditation

Respite for When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By Sue Jean Sasseen~ When a loved one develops dementia, our relationship with them might suffer a significant

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The High Blood Pressure Dementia Link

New Alzheimer’s Study Shows Connection Between the Two By The Alzheimer’s Association as reported by Heidi Frankel~ This year at the Alzheimer’s

Caring for Elderly Parents with Dementia Can be Tough

Lessons in a Special Kind of Love By Marlene Caraballo ~   My 84-year-old mother doesn’t know what day it is. So, I bought her a ridiculously big digital

Tai Chi: A New Treatment for Dementia

By Judith Stuartcole Bonner ~   Dementia is an umbrella term for several different kinds of cognitive impairment that can begin to affect memory around

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