Best Retirement Gift Ever

Best Retirement Gift Ever

By: Sue Mintz Have you ever thought about how many hours a year you have devoted to your career? Based on a 40-hour work week, the average individual

Social Security Filing Ages

Interview with David Freitag ~ fyi50+: The are many questions about at what age you should file for Social Security benefits. Most workers know you can

Moving After Retirement

Should You Move After Retirement?

How to make the right choice for your best opportunities By Sue Mintz~ My aunt and uncle moved right after he retired and I was sad about it. I was young;

Four Reasons Retirement Is a Great Time to Own a Small Business

By Sara Waskow~  It’s now 2021, and retirement means many different things to many different people. As we endured our careers, we spent time and effort

Man Pondering his Retirement Struggles

Struggling with Retirement: One Man’s Experience of Going from Hero to Zero

By Sue Mintz~ “After feeling like a corporate rock star, I’m feeling like a one-man band without a gig. It’s like I went from hero to zero.” –

Looking for a Second Career During Retirement?

Consider becoming a real estate agent By Heidi Thiel~ Many people look forward to retirement. Many may use this opportunity to travel, while others may

New Tools from the Social Security Administration

By David Freitag~ We all know the old saying, “I am from the Government and I am here to help.” Without question, this applies to the Social Security

Retirement During Challenging Times

By Sue Mintz~ Are you experiencing the retirement glitch? Transitioning into retirement is retiring to something, not from something. After careful planning

When Changing Plans for Retirement is Unexpected

Adjusting to a new normal By Sue Mintz ~ Since the recent pandemic landed in our world, how many of these feelings can you relate to? • Shock • Denial

Living “La Pura Vida” in Costa Rica

By Alma O. Garcia ~ Last summer, I wrote an article for this publication describing “My Second Act” of reinventing myself, becoming a minimalist,

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