Incorporating the Five Animal Frolics into Your Life

For high energy, vitality, and well-being By Judith Stuartcoale Bonner ~ The beautiful blend of Tai Chi and Qigong, both practices working with the Qi,

Take Time to Express Yourself !!

By Vanessa Guild. Emotions make us human. They provide the expansion of music, joy, and the depths of your lovers’ slight touch. They also derive sorrow,

An Optimal Life: A Story of Forgiveness.

By Larry North.   As we get older, we tend to grow more reflective. We know we cannot stop the aging process, yet we do as much as we can to slow

An Optimal Life: Reaching Your Goals

My quest to unlock the mystery to permanent weight loss has been a lifetime journey. My team and I have narrowed the secrets of weight loss to 5 groups:

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