Take Time to Express Yourself !!

Emotions make us human. They provide the expansion of music, joy, and the depths of your lovers’ slight touch. They also derive sorrow, anger and despair yet without these extremes we would not experience life itself. Emotions paint the light of our soul’s anguish and greatness but when squelched can become the cornerstone of a mental demise. Denied feelings, a numbing echo, which only the bearer can hear but others sense.

We wonder why we are so overly medicated in this country. Billions being spent curving anxiety, depression, and stress. God forbid we actually feel our vulnerability. I am a daughter, sister and even grand-daughter of a doctor who was once knighted by a King. I am not here to tell you not, to take your medications but I am here to write, “To thine own self be true,” Shakespeare.

When you deny your truth, your loss, your despair, even your agony, you deny yourself you. There is no pill sweeter than a good cry or a piercing guttural yell. Getting “real” with oneself and letting go of all that does not serve you is not emotional insanity but rather human. We are not texts, we are nuances. Take your medicine, but I challenge you to sit for five minutes in your car and “let it rip,” full-volume, completely, all in. It may be the very pill you’re looking for.

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