Learning to Take Your Dog’s Picture

We dog lovers take a lot of pictures of our dogs. Our cell phones are a testament to that! Some of the pictures are great and others, not so much. Here are few tips to help make your picture taking better.

  • The Best Shot: Unless you are doing action shots, your dog should be tired so he will stay still for a photo. I find when a dog is a little tired, and a little hungry he/she is the best subject.
  • A Little Help from Your Friends: While you can take pictures on your own, having help makes it a lot easier. The person helping you can hold your dog’s leash or can be behind you making noises to get your dog’s attention.
  • Light Matters: For the best photos, take your dog outside in the sun to make sure there is plenty of light. This is even more important if your dog has black fur!
  • Small Dog, Large Dog: Get down on their level. Or if they are small, bring them up to your level. Your picture will be much more interesting if you are on the same level as your dog subject.
  • Accessories and Getting your Dog’s Attention: Take shots of your dog with his favorite toys or doing his favorite activities. Capture your dog’s personality by using some sort of noise maker to get your dog’s attention. Use treats to get his attention only if nothing else is working. When you use treats, only use one about the size of a pea.
  • Safety Counts: Do not let your dog off leash unless he is in a fenced-in area. Always remember, there are a lot of distractions outside and you want your dog to be safe.
  • Fun is the Goal: Have fun! Sometimes the outtakes are even better than what you had planned!


When it is time for a beautiful portrait of your dog, or of you with your dog, consider hiring a professional pet photographer. A good pet photographer will have the experience and knowledge about dogs to get a great portrait that will last a lifetime.

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