Taking an Ordinary Day & Making It Extraordinary

Imagine waking up and doing something you have never done before… every single day. You could experiment with a new recipe, explore a different place, walk on a new trail, meet new people or quietly read a new novel. This is a deliberate practice I developed called Do Something New™. This is the story of how and why I created it, and how it increased my resilience and capacity to live a life full of joy and compassion.

In 2008, I became ill with a bronchial infection while serving as the Director of the Dallas Museum of Art. I absolutely loved my work with the arts and the Dallas community. Frequently under medical care and constantly working, I never paused to focus on healing myself. It became difficult to travel and to be around large groups of people, which was a key component of my work.

Eventually, I recognized that it was time to leave the position I cherished to focus on my health.

The day I started my practice, I had just left the doctor’s office – it was July 8, 2011. The doctor informed me that a recent biopsy report had shown that the infection was growing in my lungs. Leaving his office, I started thinking, “I need to reconfigure my life,” and rather than focus on being ill, I wanted to celebrate being alive. After a nap that afternoon, I awoke and wrote the Do Something New™ practice. It challenges me to take an ordinary day and make it extraordinary through intention.

Over the past eight years, my daily choice has been to engage fully with the world around me. Each day has been a journey doing one to five new experiences every day. It has brought me many new experiences, friends, to new places and many new flavors of ice cream!

Importantly, over the past years the Do Something New™ practice has provided a daily focus that keeps me challenged, creative, engaged and excited in mind, body and spirit.

I thought I would do this for a month or so, but here I am roughly 3,000 days later continuing to write, photograph and post my new experiences. Documenting helps me stay on track, and it reminds me of the joyous life I live as I scroll through past posts and reminisce.

Do Something New™, has been life changing. Now I challenge each of you to develop a practice of your own. It doesn’t have to be every day – it can be once a week or once a month. Each day is full of new experiences. What you see, how you see it and your perception of the situation is what truly opens your eyes and heart.

Tag me on Instagram @bonniepitman or Facebook if you start a practice and be sure to use #dosomethingnew. I look forward to reading your stories!

If you would like to learn more and participate in a workshop, we will be offering one in the spring. Check centerforbrainhealth.edu/calendar or send me a message!

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