The Beauty of Spring – the Love of Life

By Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes
March 14, 2023

Between the icy storms of winter and the glaring heat of summer, the sun and wind are softly coaxing flowers from their buds, bringing life to full bloom. These cycles are a reminder of how much Life is giving of Itself to bring forth the beauty in Spring.

So often it seems we are looking for love in all the wrong places: Outside of ourselves in a partner, on the dance floor, at work with a promotion, or as part of the group.

I spent years thinking love was something I wanted, so that meant I had to get it by someone giving it to me. Oh, the ways we try to get love — by being perfect and pretty, or sexy and powerful, or co-dependent and as a people-pleaser. And it’s never enough.

Doesn’t it also feel like we could say many of these same things about money? We try to get it in lots of places that aren’t right for us at jobs we hate or through work that’s boring and debilitating. Someone must give it to me, and I must earn it, and I better do it right, be perfect, and work all the time and do whatever it takes to get the money I need. And it’s never enough, either.

But according to Nature and the beauty of Spring, love is giving, not getting. The sun, rain, soil, and seed give of themselves, fully and freely, to birth another year of beauty. What do you give yourself? The things you love — your family, the garden, or art and creativity.

And when love is given — in joy, not in martyrdom —it’s inexhaustible and fills us up in ways that go beyond anything we’ve had before. Doesn’t it feel like we could say the same thing about money?

Let’s pour our money into those things we love. Give from the passion of our hearts and watch our money, and our love, grow! Give to those things you care about and watch them grow too!

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