Trendy Spring Looks

By Caroline Albert
March 7, 2023

Don’t shy away from bold new trends this spring! While it may feel intimidating, here are some simple ways to incorporate the season’s trendiest styles into your wardrobe.

Be different with a dark jean shacket

Denim for Days

Hang on to your jean jackets; the beloved blue jean is popping up all over this spring.

When choosing which jean piece to sport, pay attention to the color. A lighter wash leans towards a more casual look, while a darker denim can be made more formal.

Have fun with jeans as you experiment with jean button-down tops like a dark jean shacket from, a jean dress, or even a fun jean jumpsuit!

Dress up with metallic accessories

Springtime Sparkles

Metallics for spring? Groundbreaking.

The classic party attire is getting a casual revamp this season. Be prepared to see more metallics on the street, from pants and everything in the between! While it may feel overwhelming to shine so bright, you can incorporate this trend into your wardrobe in simple, easy ways through accessories, from a silver metallic bag to sparkling shoes.

Add a fabulous large flower pin to a lapel

Funky Florals (It’s Not What You Think!)

Roses are… made to be worn.

This spring, step away from classic floral prints and turn for something more dramatic. Bold, three-dimensional flowers are blooming across tops, dresses, skirts, and more. From chokers to broaches, rosettes are having their moment.

A blush to make you glow

Blooming Blush

No outfit is complete without finishing touches.

This spring, blush is the makeup trend you need to incorporate into your routine. A fresh flush brings color to your cheeks and completes any of your trendy looks. Even with no other makeup on, adding a few dabs of your favorite liquid or cream blush can add a lovely glow and lift to your face. My favorite is Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez. For an effortlessly chic look dab a little on your lips to tie it all together for an effortlessly chic look!

Wear a bold floral silk maxi skirt

Make It Maxi

This spring, incorporate a maxi skirt — like this one from MYTHERESA — into your wardrobe.

Not only are longer hems making a comeback, but they are also the perfect transitional piece for your wardrobe.

From a flowing floral to a structural jean style, there is a skirt out there for everyone.

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