Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace

It is a joyous occasion to welcome a new baby into the world.

This tiny creation cannot be loved any more than at this moment.  Ten fingers, ten toes, tiny movements, all magically created by two people coming together.  Her name is Grace and she was just born on Tuesday – her first Tuesday outside the womb.  Grace is my new granddaughter.  I am blessed beyond measure.

Although Grace is not my first grandchild, she is the one I doubted would ever happen.  Her parents – my son and his lovely wife – have been married for 13 years.  Between active careers and intensive pastimes, Grace’s parents thoroughly enjoyed being able to travel, socialize and prepare excellent meals from a vast collection of cookbooks.  Two people could not be more different while being so well-suited to one another.   My son and his wife really enjoy each other’s wit and company like few couples I’ve witnessed.   All the grandparents wondered if this wonderful couple would ever make room for children in their lives.

It’s the story of modern working life that is not uncommon:  finish college, start your career, travel the world and enjoy favorite past times – his, marathon running, and hers, equestrian pursuits.  During the course of the marriage, she started running and he learned to care for horses, while both of them cooked and pursued separate career paths. I know that Grace will be integrated into their interests, will be “travel-ready” and will eat very well.

Grace is here to take her parents’ love to a whole new realm.  She is here to prove that renewal is possible and that life is valuable.  Grace proves that love transcends generations – as one life is extinguished, another is born.  There are few things in life that are as satisfying as viewing your children provide this loving continuity.

This Grandma is happy and blessed by Grace.

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