Wear RED for Valentine’s Day

Fall in love with red this Valentine’s Day. Bright reds make for bold statements of confidence and sexiness. Other reds, like maroon or dark burgundy, have subtler and more nuanced things to say.

Mix and match these fun, flirty, and functional red pieces to brighten your look.

The timeless red sweater.

Pair a red sweater with blue jeans for the classic approach to the season. This is a casual yet chic Valentine’s Day outfit. Tried and true, you can wear this look from day to night. Opt for maroon or dark burgundy to feel festive and comfortable for any activities the day brings.

The functional red scarf.

Simple, chic, and functional, a red scarf brings a winter wardrobe to life. Paired with a simple coat or as an accessory to a soft sweater, a red scarf can add flair to any outfit. Chic and functional, it’s an essential you’re sure to wear again and again.

Photo by Paichuu
The bold red earrings.

Red earrings are a small and simple way to pop some red into your look. They don’t have to be heart-shaped to be festive. Red gems with a little fringe bring a contemporary vibe to your look. Even better, you can wear these all winter to brighten any outfit with some color.

The stand-out red purse.
Photo by Mariia Skvortsova

A red crossbody bag is the ultimate statement piece for any occasion — but especially for Valentine’s Day. For years, a red bag has been a go-to accessory for an all-black ensemble: They demand to be seen. When you walk into the room dressed in black, let the bag do the talking. Pair it with a black dress, a more casual pairing of black pants, and a black sweater.

The flirty red shoes.

Unsure how you want to make a statement? Red shoes are classic — and guaranteed to have all eyes on you. If you’re tired of the red pumps, bring the same drama and glam to your everyday activities with a bright pair of red sneakers. They’re fun for Valentine’s Day and add year-round color to your wardrobe. Pair these with blue jeans and a simple top.

The sexy red nail polish.

There is no better way to pop red into your wardrobe than with accessories — and what’s more classic than sexy red nail polish? All the bad girls wear red nail polish, and now the good girls are hopping on the trend, too! 

The fun red sunglasses.

Red sunglasses are fun, flirty, and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Wear them outside, inside, or on your head all day — just because you can. A good pair can turn into a wardrobe staple, reliably adding a dash of color to any outfit. Especially in the dark months of winter, color can change an entire look and mood for the day.

Image by Ildigo
The classic red lipstick.

Red lipstick will always be the most iconic statement of all. A bold lip is fun, sexy, and wearable for anyone, anytime. But there is no better day than Valentine’s Day to draw attention to your pout. Be confident and fearless: Pair a red lip with simple, subtle makeup. Choose a matte finish to avoid smudging, especially if you plan to get a little steamy this Valentine’s Day.

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