What Better Time to Celebrate Art?

The fine arts serve as some of our most significant cultural touchstones; whether painting, sculpture, theatre, or dance, the arts take many forms and have benefits to offer those of any age. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the fine arts and arts education, as World Art Day is just around the bend. Every April 15th, the anniversary of definitive renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci’s birth, celebrations around the globe uplift the importance of art and art history.
Though keeping distance is necessary this year, the spirit of the holiday continues to be empowered online through virtual tours and events centered around the fine arts. Painting parties, virtual walkthroughs of museum galleries, and even concerts and plays are all wonderful ways to celebrate the day; all these events and many more are taking place in the days and weeks surrounding World Art Day.
Of course, art isn’t just beautiful; it offers significant cognitive and emotional benefits. Creating art of your own can bring relief from stress, providing an outlet for tension. It can also encourage creativity, self-expression, and self-realization, leading to a fulfilling and productive hobby. If picking up a paintbrush isn’t for you, you’re not out of luck: simply studying art history can help you learn more about other cultures and beliefs. Looking to art as a means of storytelling allows you to access feelings of empathy and connection with different cultures and people.
For those of us with kids and grandkids, engaging them with art projects and art education is especially important. Not only will they reap the same benefits you do, but they may also feel more confident and have a stronger sense of well-being. They may also have improved success at school, including better vocabulary and math skills, increased chances of attending higher education, and a lowered risk of dropping out. As such, encouraging art at home and advocating for arts education in schools is an essential and worthwhile pursuit.
Curious about the many ways that art can benefit our children and grandchildren? Have a look at We The Parents’ illuminating infographic, which combines 51 benefits of art with the studies that back them.

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