Whisk Crepes Café Offers an Authentic Taste of France

Raised in the city that lives for gourmet cuisine, Parisian Julien Eelsen moved to Dallas with a purpose: to make crepes.

Now, Eelsen adds a Texas flare to this French staple at his restaurant, Whisk Crepes Café.

The restaurant’s setting and ambiance at once brought me back to Paris, with tables similar to those that line the Champs-Élysées. The restaurant’s service and food far exceed the standards set for me in Paris. Whisk’s staff is very polite and well-trained, but some of the younger waiters lack knowledge of the full menu.

The menu is simple to navigate, providing both novices and connoisseurs instructions on ordering the perfect crepe.

Whisk serves up multiple flavors of crepes both savory and sweet (sweet crepes have more of an eggy, rich taste, and use wheat flour rather than buckwheat), with a number of rotating seasonal items. I like to enjoy my dessert first, so I started with an Oreo crepe with a traditional wheat flour batter. The crepe was filled with cookies and cream, chocolate ganache, and strawberries.

My go-to choose is the Cantaloupe Galette, whose salty prosciutto harmonizes with sweet cantaloupe and tangy balsamic vinaigrette for a taste that will please even the most discernable palate.

Each crepe offers different levels of flavor and complexity, yet the underlying simplicity of a classic French crepe is what makes the Whisk Crepes Café a must-taste experience.

An authentic crepe is an experience you do not want to miss, and Whisk Crepes does not disappoint.


Whisk Crepes Cafe is located at 1888 Sylvan Ave. F120, Dallas, 469-407-1899.

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