Who Needs Sleep?

36 Hours To Fight Cancer Telethon. 

In 2017, a group of passionate entertainment professionals set out to launch a 36-hour online telethon to raise funds for cancer fighters.

Now in its fifth year, WHO NEEDS SLEEP looks to take that telethon to an even larger audience and get assistance for those who desperately need it.

WHO NEEDS SLEEP will broadcast its fifth telethon on Saturday, December 4, beginning 36 hours of live music and comedy performances, game shows, celebrity and athlete interviews, and special in-studio surprises.

Viewers are urged to donate money over the course of the telethon, with opportunities to participate in auctions of unique sports and pop culture. The telethon will be broadcast live at www.WhoNeedsSleep.org and www.VokalNow.com.

The proceeds for the 2021 WHO NEEDS SLEEP campaign will benefit the hematology and oncology wards of Cook Children’s Hospital of Fort Worth.

Streaming events are now commonplace, but when WHO NEEDS SLEEP held its first event, the concept of a longform telethon held entirely online was a novelty at best.

“We’ve been an exclusively live-streamed event since our inception,” said executive director Devin Pike, who will be on-air throughout the entirety of WHO NEEDS SLEEP alongside a revolving cast of co-hosts. “Last year, the world caught up with us by necessity, and we feel this will help grow our audience.”

The telethon will be produced live at Music City Mall in Lewisville, Texas. The Mall will also hold its tree-lighting ceremonies and greet the arrival of Santa Claus during the livecast.

Current guests scheduled to appear include local broadcasting legends Brad Sham, Eric Nadel, Josh Bogorad, and Chuck Cooperstein; comedians Paul Varghese, Brittany Goss, and Dean Lewis; and musicians Chance Munsterman, Sean Cole Silagy, Delta Rage, and Remy Reilly.

“Though we are broadcasting in a ‘bubble’ during the pandemic, we love being at Music City Mall during the event,” Pike said. “The holiday spirit truly lends an added level of excitement.”

Pike, a four-time cancer survivor, floated the idea of a fundraising telethon to several writing partners during his own cancer fight in 2017.

“The best, and worst, thing you can do is receive a text message from Devin Pike saying, ‘I have an idea,’” said Rob Ervin, President of the Board of Directors for WHO NEEDS SLEEP.

“To everyone’s credit, not one person said ‘no’ when I asked them to go on this lunacy with me,” Pike said. “The vast majority of the crew from that first telethon are still working with the organization, and many serve on our Board of Directors.”

The telethon is produced by the Who Needs Sleep Foundation, a 501(c)3 registered organization solely tasked with raising and distributing funds to cancer-fighting individuals and organizations.

For more information, or to be a part of the telethon, visit www.WhoNeedsSleep.org.

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