12 Score & 3 Years Ago: The Unfinished Promise of Unity

American History Pop-Up Museum Showcases Over 100 Artifacts and Experiences

By Susan Friedman ~ 

Learn about our country’s history and leave a modern-day freedom fighter at 12 Score & 3 Years Ago: The Unfinished Promise of Unity.

The immersive pop-up museum, presented by Mercury One, will explore slavery and civil rights and celebrate the lives of black heroes and innovators in the United States. 12 Score will be open during the weekends of June 29 – 30 and July 4 – 7, 2019, at Mercury Studios in Irving.

See history up-close with the museum’s impressive collection of over 100 artifacts, photographs, and historical documents. In partnership with four world-class organization – The African American Museum of Dallas, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Frontiers of Flight Museum, and Dallas Historical Society – all of the items have been carefully curated by Mercury One Associate Curator Courtney Mayden.

A few notable artifacts include:

  • The original Juneteenth document
  • A 19th Century covered wagon
  • A note from Abraham Lincoln
  • Mourning dress worn by Mary Todd-Lincoln (photo: top right)
  • The 1936 Olympic Torch and Jesse Owens memorabilia; The Negro Motorist’s Green Book (1949 Edition)
  • Plaster cast of George Washington Carver’s hands and face
  • Replica of the Resolute Desk from the Oval Office
  • And so much more!


Augmented reality will bring some of the museum pieces to life. 12 Score has partnered with Brazen Animation to bring five 2-D artifacts into 3-D view with sound effects and movement for a truly immersive and interactive experience. The technology is accessible by simply utilizing a free downloadable 12 Score app on smartphones – no 3D glasses or headsets required.

Imagine being able to “pick-up” a Barbary Power Musket, fire it, hear the gun shot, and see the residual smoke!

A visit to the provocative, emotional exhibit will conclude with a moving look at slavery today as millions remain locked in human trafficking around the world. Mercury One hopes the pop-up museum will educate and inspire so that visitors will want to be a part of something that matters and will use their voice to make a difference.

12 Score & 3 Years Ago: The Unfinished Promise of Unity

Where:  Mercury Studios | 6301 Riverside Drive, Irving

When:  Sat. June 29 – Sun. June 30 and Thurs. July 4 – Sun. July 7, 2019

Cost:  Adults | Kids, $10 | Seniors, $15

VIP:VIP tours are also available with Curator Courtney Mayden, $50 | WallBuilders historian David Barton, $350, and Mercury One founder and award-winning author Glenn Beck, $750.

Phone:  972-499-4747

Online Tickets:  https://mercuryone.org/education/temporary-exhibit/.

Web:  www.mercuryone.org

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